“Reality is broken. Game Designers can fix it.”
                                                                                                                             – Jane Mcgonigal

     "My game design philosophy challenges that the current generation of gaming titles have gotten away from the creative and gameplay aspect of game design and instead chosen to focus on creating cinematic experiences thus, limiting player interaction and replayability for games.

     While the storytelling aspect of gaming is an important part of the development of games, I believe developers must not sacrifice gameplay choices for the advent of realism or creating a design medium to sorely rival films.

     Video games give players the opportunity to immerse themselves into a virtual world in a way watching a film or reading a book cannot.

    Games can captivate the players attention, tell stories or even encourage social interactions in real-life. Above all It is important that we remember that video games are suppose to be just that "games" and that they need to be fun!"

                                                                         Maurice Johnson

                                                                        Professional Game Designer



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